Now a clearly identified Health & Safety issue. A business not showing that it has adequately put in place additional training can be found liable for accidents caused by their driver whilst at work. The driver’s insurance company might even claim against the business as proper training wasn’t given.

You can reduce this risk, as well as fleet maintenance and insurance costs by arranging for us to work with your drivers (anyone having access to a company or pool car). The sessions do not just cover safer driving although the assessment and management of risk does form a major part. We also look at driving styles that may not be the most efficient as far as fuel and wear and tear are concerned. Just getting an established driver to review his use (or misuse) of the clutch and brakes can have an enormous effect on the driving costs for your business.

We aim to minimise any disruption to your business but it should be understood that if a job is worth doing then it is worth doing right the first time. There will, inevitably be some short-term down time whilst initial sessions are held. These might start with a 30 minute chat with a few drivers prior to individual, in-car sessions. Demonstration drives will be given after which the client takes over and the assessment and training begins in earnest.

Follow-up sessions may be required although their frequency will be governed by the level of assessed risk. Comprehensive reports are produced for both driver and Company. It is vital that the driver is fully involved and aware of the assessments made. These may be required by the insurance company as evidence that adequate training has been delivered.