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This is the way that the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is able to confirm the standard of your tuition. You will be asked to present yourself, with a client, so that a Driving Test Assessment Manager (DTAM) can not only watch you at work but also give you valuable feedback. It is a great opportunity to have an expert cast their experienced eye over your work.

Unfortunately, too many too many newly qualified ADIs never consider taking further training in order to put right the inadequacies that were revealed when they passed their Part 3. Many are just relieved to have scrapped through and it is only when the letter from the DSA arrives that the panic starts. Late, rushed preparation is never the best way.

Poor Planning and Preparation Prevents Perfect Performance! An old saying but very true in this field. I also like “Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail.”

There is also a case for more experienced ADIs to ensure that they are up to date. Are you still “instructing” or are you “coaching”? The DSA now considers that Client Centred Learning (or coaching to you and me) involves clients better in the learning process. Hiding your head in the sand is not the way to prepare and it is also not the way to be if you want to survive in this industry. Your clients deserve a lot more. I will give you the tools to deliver training that enables the client to fully take part in the learning process. They will also open up the modern way of coaching to you.

I have helped many instructors although it is only the ones who come soon enough that are able to be really helped. Personally, I have been through the process three times so far (always getting Grade Six) so I do know about nerves, even after the first two. However, my approach has always been to try and make my everyday lessons just the same as when the DTAM is on board.