Many would- be instructors prepare for the Part 2 test of their driving ability as though they just have to "pull themselves together" on the day in order to satisfy the examiner. The truth is a long way from this approach.

You will need professional tuition and many hours of focused driving so that your driving starts to almost take over your life. You'll find partners and loved ones complaining about your cautious approach to junctions, your constant mutterings to yourself about gears, mirrors and the possible actions of all other road users. I know, I've been there!

Many will train for an advanced driving test in order to help with their preparation. Something like the Institute of Advanced Motorists, DIAmond Advanced Test or even RoSPA. Although the actual driving style may be different, the experience of having your driving assessed by strangers can be very useful. It's a method that I used but everyone is different.

Sessions are in-car and are preferably of about two hours. I prefer to work with trainees on a one to one basis at this stage although I encourage them to go out together as often as possible. Trainees often need the support of others that are going through the process at the same time as they are. Whilst I supervise their training for Part 2 I will constantly refer to the instructional methods that I use for the various situations that arise. In that way they start to get a glimpse of the Part 3 work that they will shortly be starting. All parts of the qualifying exams should be linked in to each other.

Many experienced motorists are embarrassed by their lack of ability when placed in the pressure situation of having a qualified driver trainer next to them. Those that expect to be ready after a couple of drives are in for a shock. Those that focus on the course and practice driving at a high standard at all times do not get that shock. Instead, they are the ones who can't wait for their test date. They are confident and want to show the Supervising Examiner (SE) just how hard they have been working.