Aiming for membership of IAM, RoSPA or DIAmond? Perhaps you just know that you could be more aware or more proactive with your driving. You may have just had a close call or knew someone whose call was too close. Did you think you could have dealt better with a situation?

A tailor-made programme of relevant driving assessments can really make a difference.

You'll find that you no longer just get into your car at "A" and automatically get out at "B". Another vacant, meaningless drive. With training, the advanced driver gets in at "A" and probably doesn't get out until "Z". So much to do and consider during the drive. So many other drivers to consider, so many hazards to receive planning. A total mental and physical task to master. No wonder that, statistically, advanced driver training makes you less of a risk to both others and to yourself.

Driving is the most dangerous activity that we do, day in, day out. In the UK, nine people die each day trying it out.

As a DIAmond Advanced Instructor I am fully qualified to teach driving at the advanced level. In 2006 I also qualified as an examiner for the DIAmond Advanced Test.



Advanced drivers aim to always have their car in the right position, at the correct speed and with the correct gear engaged. They drive progressively but courteously, with the safety of themselves and others in mind. They tend not to make late decisions and are seldom surprised by the actions of other road users. "Road rage" and "red mist" are for other drivers to get stressed about. The advanced driver has more important matters to be thinking about.