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                                                                       About Me

Highest quality, one-to-one, grade six driver training. That is the standard that I have maintained since qualifying.

An early interest in coaching Badminton gave me the belief that I had ability to pass on skills and knowledge to others in an interesting and effective way.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is now actively promoting what they call “client centred learning”. The more usual term for that is “coaching” and that is the method I already use! The basic difference between instructing and coaching is that an instructor instructs ( do this now, when that gets to there, do this, etc) There is little or no involvement from the pupil. They just do as they are told.

With my coaching style, the client is involved in deciding on the best way to deal with a situation (What would be best here? Could that be improved? How can we do that?). Clients sometimes need a blend of coaching and instructing as not everyone learns in the same way. My Certificate in Education Stage 2 helps me use the correct style of teaching to best match the learning style of the client.

As well as various advanced driving qualifications, I have been confirmed by the DSA as providing lessons to a “very good” standard. That is the wording they use to describe “Grade Six” – the highest level. Only about 7% of instructors attain that standard. I also train would-be instructors and provide existing ones with training and guidance for when they have their standards checked by the DSA.