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                                                                       Getting started

To start driving a car on our roads you need to be 17 years old (16 if receiving Mobility Allowance) and to have received and signed your Provisional Licence. The person supervising needs to be at least 21 years old and must have held their car licence for at least 3 years.
Using is the easiest way to get the latest rules and regulations about most services. Just click on Motoring and Transport. Use that site to get through to the Driving Standards Agency ( for booking both Theory and Practical tests. Do not just use a search engine as you will find yourself on a scam site and, at best, pay loads too much money.
Choosing your Driving Instructor
Unlike your relatives, your Driving Instructor is someone you can chose yourself. So how can you give yourself the best start with your training. Just what should you be looking for? What ar5e you expecting to receive for your money?
As a top level, Grade Six instructor you would expect me to say that the grade awarded by the DSA is very important. So it is, although many people have no idea that we are inspected regularly to ensure our training is effective and correct.
Other things that may sway your judgement…

♦ A higher than average pass rate
♦ Additional qualifications
♦ Recommended by a friend
♦ Suitable size, type and age of car
♦ Well presented instructor giving professional image
♦ Full DSA syllabus taught using modern coaching skills

Above all you need to be confident in the abilities of the instructor. Are they going to give you skills that you will need to be able to drive safely for life or will they be like the old style instructors that just tell you how to pass the test? Will you get free help and guidance with the Theory Test?
I always like to meet parents if I can. If the instructor seems to shy away from calling round to introduce themselves or doesn’t seem keen to let parents sit in on a few lessons then you need to ask why?
Watch out for the ones that want you to pay up front or the ones that offer “Guaranteed Pass” – no such thing! Make sure you have had a few drives before giving any lump sums of cash. Some instructors make you share the car with other clients. It is always one to one with me.
Will you get updates after each drive that cover the points raised ads let you know the plans for the next drive? I use an iPad to track your progress and we review this periodically. The notes are emailed to you after the drive. Clients also receive a text on the evening before each drive so you are reminded of the start time.
…and finally, remember that 10 drives with a highly qualified Grade Six instructor may well be better value than the 20 you end up having with a “discount” instructor using old teaching styles and methods. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.