Pass Plus

This gives you some details of the Pass Plus scheme that is a course of six lessons to be taken after you have passed the Practical Driving Test. It covers such things as driving in all weathers, motorways and night driving.

Reduced insurance premiums can soon recoup the cost and, of course, it means you are far better able to cope safely with the big, bad motoring world out there. It is a great course for building confidence.

Driving Instructors Association

This provides a list of Instructors that are members of the Association. It is really of more use and interest to it's members but I thought you might like to be nosy!

Loads of help here from John Farlam, a well respected trainer in the industry. A great site for you to download stacks of great information, hints and ideas.

All the information you need on booking theory or practical tests. Do it on-line with this site. You can manage alterations through the site as well.

Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency

"The world of cherished, personalised registration numbers". This is where you can choose a personalised plate direct from this government agency. Lots of bright colours on this site but the split screen coupled with having to always scroll down the page doesn't make it so easy. You can even have it in Welsh if you wish.