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Question 1

There is vibration on your steering wheel as you drive. You should check that the..

Question 2

Red Routes in major cities have been introduced to..

Question 3

Vehicles fitted with anti-lock brakes..

Question 4

You may use front fog lights with headlamps ONLY when visibility is reduced to less than..

Question 5

Your vehicle is fitted with a hands-free phone system. Using this equipment whilst driving..

Question 6

You are approaching a Pelican crossing. The amber light is flashing. You MUST..

Question 7

A vehicle has a flashing green beacon. What does this mean?

Question 8

To reduce the damage your vehicle does to the environment you should..
(choose 3 answers)

Question 9

How should you use the emergency telephone on a motorway?

Question 10

When you are NOT sure that it is safe to reverse your vehicle you should..

Question 11

You are approaching traffic lights. Red and Amber are showing. This means..

Question 12

Overloading your vehicle can seriously affect the..
(choose 2 answers)

The answers, together with some explanations, should help you to gain an insight in to the way the questions are phrased. For the actual Theory Test there would be 35 questions and you would need to get at least 30 correct to pass. This will just give you a taster of the sort of subjects that can be covered.