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Theory Test - Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

Road SignThe Theory Test is something that you can actually start work on before you begin your driving. You can not take the Test until you have your provisional licence but there is nothing to stop you from looking at the Highway Code, studying a Theory book and viewing a couple of the training videos. Working together with your instructor on the Theory Test can also help. Discussing road signs and situations that occur as you drive around can often help to make things stick in the memory.  Booking your Theory Test is easy. You can also use the telephone but online is easier. Make sure you only use this official website. You will need your licence and a card to pay for it.Booking the Use the link from this site to Click Here to book it online. Their telephone number is also on that site or, if you are feeling retro, you can apply using snail mail. Make sure you have your licence number, diary and a debit or credit card ready so that you can complete the booking there and then.

There are two parts to the Theory Test.

The first consists of 50 questions based on the Highway Code and "Driving - the essential skills". It is done using a touch-screen monitor and you are allowed up to 57 minutes to complete this part. The pass mark is 43 out of the 50. You can go back and change answers, flag ones that you want to go back to and can even have headphones on if you need to hear instructions in a different language. If you have special needs then they are fully geared up to help with such things.Your instructor should be able to give you answers to any queries that you may have. My pupils all say that the instructions are easy to follow and that you will have plenty of time for this first section. If you have studied the books and been testing yourself on the practice papers then you should be confident. I have mock papers that I use to help pupils get that confidence and also supply them with a comprehensive list of the more unusual questions so that there are no gaps in their knowledge before they take the test. I look for mock results of 45 to 46 before feeling really confident of a pass.

The second part consists of the Hazard Perception Test. This part starts after about a 3 minute break. Once again you are in front of the monitor. After an on-screen introduction and a sample video clip you are ready to start. You will see 14 video clips in which there will be one, possibly two, developing hazards. As soon as you identify a hazard as being "developing" then click either the left or right mouse button. I can hear you saying "I'll just click it all the time" Oooops... no way. They have thought of that and you will get no points for that clip if you start that game.

So then, what is a Developing Hazard? The DSA publish an excellent dvd on this and there are many websites with examples of video footage. As well as the videos I practice with my clients as we drive along. If a car is just parked on the other side of the road then it is not "developing". However, if another car is coming towards us and it will need to pull over to get passed the parked car, then I will be faced with a narrowing road and possibly the need to slow down or alter my own road position. My static hazard has now become "developing" and I will be giving that button a click as soon as I feel threatened.

For each "Developing Hazard" there is a time window during which you should click in order to get a score. Click at the start of the window for maximum points, click at the end for minimum points. Wait too late for none at all. Click too early, too many times and the system might think you are trying to cheat and give you no points for that clip. If you do upset the system then a message will warn you straight away.

Our local Theory Test Centre is at :

Units 8/9
Acorn Business Park,
Moss Road (off Doughty Road),

To find the Theory centre you travel down Doughty Road, with the library behind you. Once under the railway bridge take the second road (Moss Road) to the left. (If you take the first road you'll end up in the Council Depot!) Now the fun begins! Take the road that goes to the right and then the slight left fork, down the left side of the building directly in front of you. The road then bends to the left sharply and the Theory Test Centre is the building now on your right.

I think that if you find it straight away then you should get an extra point. My strong suggestion is to go there the day before so that you know for definite where it is.

For the multiple choice section you will find a Theory Book very useful. The whole question bank of nearly 1000 questions should be in any book that you buy (make sure it is a recent print as they keep updating the questions). Reading the question carefully is an old saying but it is vital with many of the questions. If the question says "When would you not....." and you skip over that word "not" then you will be barking up the wrong tree. Sometimes the same point of law is used in several questions and so they have to think of different ways of phrasing the question. Be warned, be careful.

Once you have finished the HPT, then within 5 minutes you should have the result handed to you. Guard that certificate as you will need it to show the examiner, together with your licence when you are ready for the next stage....the Practical Test.

Remember, you have to pass both parts at the same sitting to get a Pass. Make sure you a confident of passing before you book that test. Another old saying is "Fail to prepare.....prepare to fail".